Birds species – Eggs, as pet, Mating, feathers, Characterstics

Birds are endothermic vertebrates organism. Birds can maintain their body at a favorable metabolically temperature. They are characterized by the toothless beak jaw and lovely feathers. Birds are having a high rate of metabolism, a four-chambered heart. They are lying hard-shelled eggs with a lightweight Skeleton they have a nice structure which helps them to fly high. The flying capacity depends on the size of the bird. Heavy birds can’t fly high and for a long time.

History of Birds

Birds with different species can be found worldwide. They have to vary size wise, start from Bee Hummingbird 5 cm (2 in) is the smallest and the larger one is Ostrich 2.75m (9 ft). As per record, the bird evolved within the theropod group. They belong to the feathered ancestors. The evidence based on the DNA find and unfold that they diversified dramatically simultaneously Cretaceous–Palaeogene extinction event 66 million years ago.

Cretaceous–Palaeogene extinction event killed off the pterosaurs and all the non-avian dinosaur species. Birds who live in the Southern continent survived. They migrated to all over the world. It was diversifying at the time of Global Cooling.

Bird History

Around 170 million years ago, Dinosaurs who lie in the broader group Avialaehave been found dating back to the middle of the Jurassic period. Many of them from the early species weren’t able to fly as per their capabilities. They couldn’t fly with full power and many were having fully toothy jaws instead of the toothless beak. They had a long bony tail.

Bird Characteristics

Birds Feathers 

Feathers make a bird most attractive species available in the world. Keratin is the main source of feathers. Feather does not only make the birds capable to fly but also help to get warmth and protection from various things.

Somehow male bird attract the female species, Colorful feathers make a bird beautiful. Furry feathers make them warm. The feathers on the wings and tail help to fly. They help to lift the bird. According to the species, They molt the old feathers in a year or twice in a year.

Birds Wings  

Birds have wings, evolved from forelimbs, make them capable to fly. Every bird has Wings but everyone can’t fly. Their Wings are less or more developed or big or small depending on the species. The species known without wings are Elephant birds and Extinct Moa. Although further evolution caused of flightless species such as ratites, penguins, and diverse endemic island species.

They have a wonderful scientific body structure to fly. They have strong chest muscles and wonderful wing curve which lift them while going to fly.

Birds Beak 

A bonny core with an outer layer of keratin. All the species have a beak instead of Jaw. Birds can’t chew the food. They cut the food into small pieces and swallow. They have Tomia, a sharp ridge near the edge of the beak instead of teeth. Beak size and shape may vary according to the species. Hawk and Owl are meat eaters that are they have sharp and hooked beak so that they can tear or rip the meat. On the contrary water species have big and flat beak so that they can arrange their food from water.

Birds Skeleton

Birds have a lightweight but rigid skeleton which makes them fly with ease. Instead, Penguins have a much heavy skeleton which helps them to survive in their very cold natural habitat. They have the more strong bone in comparison with the mammals. Their Skeleton helps them to lift easily while flight. Their skeleton not only helps them to lift but also help them to protect themselves with various elements. Ostrich has very long and strong leg bones by which it can not only run very fast but also hit anyone with its powerful kicks.

Birds Behavior

The most intelligent birds are Corvids and Parrots. Many species can’t stay at a place. Birds may travel thousands of km annually. Birds are really very social. They participated in cooperative breeding and hunting, mobbing and flocking of predators.  Birds are communicating with calls, visual signals, and bird songs. They are laying eggs fertilized through the sexual mating. Birds choose and make their nest to lay eggs. The Female bird incubates the eggs. Most of the species having a period of post-hatching. Some of the species are very popular as pets, Songbird and parrot are famous ones.

Birds Endangered Spices 

Approximately 120 to 130 species have been extinct due to human activity since the 17th century and about 1200 bird species is in endangered to extinct, although human is trying to protect them. Bird watching is an integral part of the ecotourism industry.

Climate Change Vs Birds

Climate change put the worse effect on the birds. They are reshuffling from their habitat due to climate changes. New spices introduced whereas the old habitat will migrate to another place. Such migration is all because of climate change. The cycle of weather is also changing the summer are become much longer and winter is squeezing. The summer call is coming a lot early to them.

The world became almost 1c hot in the last decade. It’s area wise vary. Birds who are cold-adaptive are suffered the most whereas they preferring the warmth conditions must enjoying the situation. They can survive in the hot conditions. Climate change is the big concern for the Human being also.

Birds Species 

Eclectus Parrots  Barred Owl